Friday, December 3, 2010

Slept In

Today we all slept in.  Even hubby.  (He has today off.)
After a very full week...
more driving
singing lessons
schooling (skipped some)
walk the dog (try to at least)
calming fears (many times)
long distance sanity calls
3 1/2 hours of deep cleaning the church (can we say I woke up sore!!)
etc., etc....
We needed to sleep in.

Today we are:
attempting to catch up on school work
put the laundry away
change the bedding (hubby is ready for the flannel sheets)
hubby is going to work on the fence
cut down our tree
pick up for son since he's on very light duty
home bible study tonight
rake the leaves

But first I need to get into the shower.
Have a great day!  And thanks for reading and especially for commenting!


Holly said...

Sleeping in is wonderful isnt it?! My husband doesnt have to be at work until later and he got the kids up and ready for school for me today! I heart him,lol! You have a cute little blog over here!

Kay Heritage said...

Love those days! Whenever my husband is off, the children think it is holiday!!!

Pressed Petals said...

Holly...Welcome! So glad to have you! And thanks for your sweet comment! is nice. My hubby gets every other Friday off. I love it!