Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning I started cleaning my closet. 
Here is the before top half.
You're looking at stuff I have no other place for, out of season clothes and shoes, bathroom supplies, etc.

The bottom half.

I took everything out, dusted, vacuumed.  When we first moved in the closets weren't painted.  Just a messy simple white coat or two made a BIG difference.  And yes, this is all of the closet space I have.  It works but I do hang my pants on hubby's side.

Found a spill.

What do you do with items like this?  Seriously, do you keep or toss them?  

Bottom after.  Remember my shoe dilemma?  Well, I went back to my hill billy roots and came up with this.  We'll see how long it all lasts.  But for now it looks better.

Even cleaned out the little spaces I had.  All of these samples are old, old I tell you.  Tossed them all.

I put all of the loose bathroom items in a handy container.
(We have smallish bathrooms and no hall closet, etc.  So the extra supplies are in our closets.)

About the curtains.
When we moved in there were accordion doors for each closet!!  I think I had hubby take them down and out first thing!
I had these curtains from the previous house.  Put them on a curtain rod and voila!
They add an airy feel to the room.
Here's the top after.

Not too pretty, but much better.
I almost started in on hubby's closet, then stopped.
That will probably be next.
As always thanks for following.

OH!  Mandi had a question about the Fly Lady.
*The 15 min. rule is pretty much set the timer for 15 min and declutter a room or current zone.  Works good for kids.
*FlyLady FAQs.
I liked her thinking and her heart.
For me it was too organized.  She has weekly "zones".
I found that I needed to get other zones cleaned that differed from where she was.
We could never match up.
I got a bit overwhelmed.
*Here is an example of how she breaks her zones down:

These are the zones for March - mark your calendars:
Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (March 1 - 4)
Zone 2: The Kitchen (March 7 - 11)
Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (March 14 - 18)
Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (March 21 - 25)
Zone 5: The Living Room (March 28 - 31)

You can click here to see the current zone.

Happy cleaning!

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Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Ooh thanks, girl! Interesting. Zones, huh? Maybe I'll try this! I'm pretty lazy, though, hehehe. :)