Friday, March 25, 2011

The Master List

I got it done...the master to-do cleaning list

I broke it all down into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly for each room/section excluding the garage.

Here's a sample:

-Wipe stove top after use
-Wipe counters
-Dishes wash & put away
-Pick up & put away any clutter

*Dining Room
-Clean table

-Sweep outside of the door

*Living Room
-Pick up/put away clutter (15 min)
-Straighten pillows
*Blue Bathroom
-Pick up trash off floor
-Wipe down sink
-Put away clutter
-Wipe shower walls off with squeegee after each use


*C’s Room (Her list is much shorter because she already does most of it already.)
-Make bed
-Pick up clutter

*J’s Room
-Make bed
-Pick up clutter
-Throw out trash
-Put shoes away
-Pick up toys

*Master Bathroom
-Put away hair products

*Master Bedroom
-Make bed
-Pick up items on floor
-Put away shoes

AS NEEDED-microwave, windows, shower curtains, rugs, bedding

Weekly (I'll just give you the kitchen.)

*Kitchen/Dining Room/Hall
-2x sweep


-2x bleach sink
-Clean cabinet faces
-Scrub counters


-2x clean fridge
-Completely clean out top cupboards
-Completely clean out bottom cupboards
-Deep clean dishwasher
-Go through recipes
-Dust blinds
-Clean appliances
-Clean under stove
-Clean under fridge
-Go through cabinets

Now our list may differ from yours, and I may tweak it from time to time.
We are going to start with the daily and get in a routine with all of that.
Then quickly move onto the weekly and so on.
I may even go out of order.  That's what I like.  As long as these all get done roughly when it states on the list, I am a happy camper.

Have a great day!

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