Tuesday, March 15, 2011

let's talk calendars

If you are like me your calendar can get pretty full.
If you're like me you can get a bit lost in it all.
Here's what I used to do, at the end of each year I'd take the passing year's and the new year's calendars and write everyone's birthdays.  (still do this) 
I used to write everything in one pen.
I would know that someone's special day, etc. was coming up but forget. 
(Our calendar has gotten fuller since I took the photo.)

Then I switched to colored markers.
Hubby had these markers for cd's, but they worked nicely for the calendar.

I came up with a color-coded system.
RED for birthdays.
BLUE for church events.
GREEN for school events, vacations, etc.

ORANGE for lessons.
PURPLE for appointments.

This made a world of difference.
I knew just by glancing at the color what was coming up.
I have used the other colors for various other things.

I also keep a paper clip clipped to the photo part of the calendar.
This is where I keep appointment cards, etc.
Just another visual reminder.
I move it and any cards each month.

Sometimes dates get changed or moved. 
So we will have scratched out areas, but at least they look colorful!
Hope this helps.
I'd love to hear your calendar secrets.

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