Wednesday, March 9, 2011


distraction (n.)-something that diverts attention: something that interferes with concentration or takes attention away from something else

multitasking (n.)-running number of programs simultaneously: the simultaneous management of two or more tasks by a computer or a person

yesterday i felt maxed out.  grouchy.
i have an ever growing list of to-do's.
no room for distractions or added stuff.
the phone rang in the middle of our homeschool.
i answered.
what was going to be a "quick" call, wasn't.
i went to the office to work on a church project.
started to digi-scrap.
someone came over, said "i should be getting going" more then once.
i thought of how i need to/could pare down.
the computer-blogs, scrapping, forums are somethings i can control.
no more reading through forums while playing history for kids.
no more looking online while making copies for school.
no more...fill in the blank.
i really need to focus and not do too many things at one time.
my mind can't handle it.
my time isn't enough.
wish me luck!

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