Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleaning Tip

We have a problem in our house.
I microwave my tea instead of brewing a proper tea.
I know that it a cardinal sin to some.

The other day hubby pulled out a mug and said "It looks like someone threw up in this cup."
Subtle, I know.
Alas, I know that the mugs need to be de-stained, if that's a word. 

My Mother-in-love taught me this on one of her visits.

Pour a little bit of bleach into the mugs.
You can see it working already.
Fill with water and let it sit while you load the dishwasher.
Or paint your nails.
Or brush your teeth.

Empty and voila!
Nice white mugs that get a "WOW!" (from son).

Want a cup of tea (minus the spoon scratches)?
You can also clean them with a baking soda paste and your fingers.
Info thanks to my grandma who I inherited the love of tea.


Holly said...

I microwave tea also but we are in the Aouth and we love our iced sweet tea so we make it by the pitcher full! Funny thing I havent had trouble with the staining but I am sure it will happen eventually so thanks for the tip!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I so need this tip! Ours are stained with hot chocolate. Ew!