Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cleaning-for lack of a better title

Time for honesty here.
The kids, the house and I need a kick in the bum as far as house cleaning goes.
I went to the library and loaded up on a few cleaning books.
I want and like to have a clean home.
I like being domestic.
And it's not that I don't know how to clean, I need motivation and can always use more tips.

I am going to be accountable to you, my faithful readers.
I hope to document our cleaning process here.
Don't worry, we're not hoarders, just normal Americans with too much junk.
So, after reading through a couple of the books I sat down today and made a room-by-room to-do list.

I have to mention here that the notebook I picked to keep my lists in had "The Power of Your Words" by Robert Morrison notes in.  Way to tell me something God!  I need to clean my heart and my mouth first!

As I walked room to room I tried going over everything that needs to be cleaned/done.
D-daily cleaning
2xw-two times a week
2xM-two times a month
2xY-you get the idea
I will combine all of the to-dos into/onto one big master list/chart.
(I have to let you know that the kids were totally wondering what I was doing in their rooms.  They are dieing to see their room list.)
When it is done I will show it to you. 

A couple of things: 
One of the books, Clean it Fast Clean it Right,(do I underling a title or italicize it?) said to start with one added "chore" do that until it becomes a habit. 
This is helpful.
As I tend to want to do it all in one week!
Can we say burnout?
Rewards help too. (from the above book.)

Also, the Fly Lady was introduced to me by my dear friend Anne.
Her system worked for me for awhile.  Some swear by her.
She has a website.

Anyway, enough chatting.
If you have any MUST have cleaning tips, tools or products PLEASE to tell.  Anything to lighten the load!


Talia French said...

I smiled when I saw Sink Reflections in your stack of books. I love Fly Lady and her system, even though I don't hold to her system religiously. I do follow the 15 minute rule in all of my cleaning, and it helps when I ask for help from the rest of my family. They're much more willing to pitch in when I state that what we get done in 15 minutes is what we get done and they don't have to clean for a long time. :)

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Wait, what's the 15 minute rule? I think I need to check out Fly Lady!