Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flipping Through the Photos

Tuesday was our last day of school!
Our son told me today that he is actually sad that school is done for the summer.
" are not the same boy I brought home to homeschool."
I can't tell you how far he's come.

So, our dining room wall does not look like least for a few months.
(the photos have NOT been touched up at all, sorry.)

I know you all wanted to see my nose like this.
This was a science experiment.

Have you tried this?  Mmmm, mmm good.!

I was going through my junk frames and found this.
I have always liked it, but red, well it just doesn't go with my decor.

So, I painted it, well white.  My color of choice lately.
I have no idea what to put inside.
I also took the plastic out.

Oh and the whole thing with doing what hubby wants, I have been doing good, but he really hasn't asked much of me.

I found two treasures this week.  Post to come.
I have one busy schedule today, well for the next week or more!

Thanks for reading!

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