Saturday, May 29, 2010

My post is kind of messed up...I am super tired!
Here's my hubby home from Desert Storm with his parents.  He was in the local paper back home.
His parents faces say it all!

I have always loved this photo.  These kids and my hubby went to the same middle school.
The flags, the looks on their faces, my handsome hubby all dressed up!
This was in the paper too.

Go go go go...has been my day.  And I am beat. (so please over look any misspelled words as I am sure I missed some.) Or church had a MAJOR outreach, with impact teams and a 2 1/2 hour concert.  I helped make and serve the food, clean up, keep things going at the park/concert, look for missing keys and then tear down.  Hubby has been going since 9:30 and is still loading/unloading!

I wanted to pop in and wish you Happy Memorial Day and share a couple of photos with you.  The Pioneer Woman in having a photography thingy (sorry too tired to find the right word) showing soliders coming home.  Make sure you have tissue handy! I submitted the two above.

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Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Thanks for stopping by! Before I get lost in time going through some of your old posts, I just wanted to say thank you to your husband and your family for your service to our country. I loved the pics, now off to see more! Theresa