Friday, May 21, 2010

Tats and Texting

Soapbox warning...

Maybe I am old fashioned or out of touch, but there are two things that have been getting on my nerves.

The cashier at Dunkin Donuts texting a girl in the store while taking our order.

Someone texting while "talking" to you.

Seeing people talk to themselves (blue tooth) at the store.

Just call me...I don't text!!

The lady at the admin in the hospital has a tatoo. 

The lady taking my blood has a tatoo.

Seeing a memorial for your late grandpa on your leg.

Tatoos, everywhere.  I mean, they used to be for sailors and really tough guys.  Not...well, I will leave it right there.

I do have to mention that the mexican restaurant that we went to on Mother's Day, made a big impression.  The waitresses had to cover their tats with arm bands.  Thank you owner!

Maybe it's just me...


Michele said...

NOT just you. I could go on and on about both but especially about the tattoos. Hubby and I have been discussing them and we think there are more people with them than without. At least this is something he and I agree about!

Jan said...

Nope, Christine - it's not just you! A friend of mine has been considering getting a tat, but she can't figure out where to put it where it won't sag when she's old. So she's never gotten one. And for good reason.

a little lovely said...

we're you asking about the & sign on the pillow? i printed that out from the computer, cut it out, traced it onto my fabric and cut that out and sewed it on. does that make sense?! let me know if i didn't answer your questions :)

a little lovely said...

oooh, did you mean the ampersand in the picture with the topiary?! sorry i think i just understood what you were talking about :) but no, i did not make that. i bought that at michael's for like $3.