Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Mumblings

So it's Monday and my mind is a jumble of things to blog about.

Our son seems to be eating miracle grow.  I swear he is taller everyday.  Our two children are now the same hight and almost taller than me.

My God is a good god.

School (for us) gets out Tuesday!  DD may have to go longer just so she can finish her final test in math.

We finally found some wall lockers for the office!  Yay!  Now hopefully I can finish it.

I am glad to know that I am not alone on the tatoo thing. Thanks for your comments!

Sometimes I seem to get these funk attitudes towards my hubby, the man a love.  It happened yesterday.  I just came in from church (he got home before me).  He asked if I would mind making a salad.  (I wanted to change and start a load of laundry.)  I told him "Yes I do mind, but I will do it."  (yikes lady!)  Then I stayed in the funk through lunch.  I don't mean to get like this.  And I don't like it.  I need to break it!  So this week I am going to do whatever he asks me to do...and try not to get in a funk about it.  I have to tell you that my hubby doesn't ask me for much and he is very reasonable.  He does things for me (usually) when I ask.  So why do I get like this?  Anyway, I am going to keep track of his requests and how I respond for you.

This morning (even before my shower) he called and asked if I could move the truck out of the driveway.  He found a wall locker and was bringing it home.

Him: Move the truck  Me: No problem (I mean he's doing it for me! heehee!!)
Him: Get him tape and help him get the locker off of the truck  Me: done with a good attitude!

So far so good!

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Happy Scrap Girl said...

haha! I think my kids must be eating miracle grow as well, lol! They are getting too big too fast.

I'm sure your funk will be over soon - I think that everyone goes through that once in a while.