Tuesday, November 2, 2010

well worth it

The other morning I was awakened by a disturbing dream.
Though I have has similar ones before, this was different.
It was like God was showing me what the devil wanted to do to our son.
 (insert dog over the baby squirrel and the mama squirrel posed to pounce on the tree. for some reason i can't get that photo on here.  i tried twice.)

So, I did battle for our son that morning.
 Though he was sound asleep in his bed...
 this mama squirrel fought and kept her son safe.  And would do it again.
A few nights after that, he came into our room asking us to pray for him to get saved.   Well worth the battle.
The animal photos from here.  The praying pic ??

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Kay Heritage said...

It would be very disturbing to have a nightmare about something happening to our children. And how much so that our Father allowed His Son to suffer and die? Praying for peace in your heart.