Thursday, November 18, 2010

19 years ago

19 years ago this month I married my best friend.
 We had a couple of kids.

Had family visit and some even live with us for awhile. 
We have been many places together.

Taken many road trips together.

 Celebrated many holidays together.
Can't wait to see what the next 19 years have in store.

**Just a note...I have tallied the vote on the music.  It was CLOSE.  But the No's have it.  BUT if you want to hear music, I put it on my home school blog.  Thanks for your input.**


Patti said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Pom said...

You were such a stunning bride and you look just as beautiful now! Happy Anniversary!!

Pressed Petals said...

Ahhh...thanks SO much Pom!

Kay Heritage said...

Happy Anniversary. Marriage is a special from the Lord indeed!

Mandi said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved the post.

Also, I loved your music leest. I shoulda written it all down. :)

Pressed Petals said...

Thanks guys!

Mandi...the music is on my home school blog. If I have some time today I can write the list down for you. ;)