Tuesday, November 9, 2010

going orange and help

Want healthy ways to use that can of pumpkin besides pies and bread?
Add some into your pancakes...
Your fruit shakes...
Your oatmeal...
The list goes on and on.

One can will go along way and add a LOT of vitamins.

Now I need your help.
I need ideas on how to keep my shoes in order.
For awhile I have kept them in their shoe boxes.
Rotating them as the seasons change.
As you can tell taking them out is MUCH easier then putting them back in.
Honestly, I get lazy in a hurry.

I need something that:
won't leave the shoes smushed (I don't think that's even a word.)
will keep them pretty dust free (we have lots here)
and can be easily taken in and out.

Any ideas?
Thanks SO much!


Mandi said...

Okay so I still love the molding I did in my closet to hold up my heels. . . soo handy. But as for all the OTHER shoes that need a spot?? Dang. I think I need a picture of Oprah's mega shoe closet for inspiration.

Pressed Petals said...

I thought of your molding. I don't have too many heels though. I too will have to check out Oprah's closet. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

LOL well if you're not going to put them away LOL
seriously, there are tons of shoe storage/caddies out there (Google search for 'shoe storage' and get thousands of pictures)

but my favorite, which should be really easy for you to use, would be something like this one found here

Pressed Petals said...

Anonymous...haha, you're right about me not putting them away.

I liked the link you gave me and it gave me an idea.