Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My first guest! It's all in the name.

Today's guest blogger is a very dear friend of mine in real life.  Though we are far away, we are still close.  I could write a long post on just Anne and me and the things we have been through together.  She is a funny lady (can you tell I am drawn to funny people?), she is super nice and down to earth.  Her heart is VERY big.  I hope you enjoy her as much as I.  You can follow her life as a home schooling mom, pastor's wife and domestic diva here

This is my first guest post ever!  I feel a bit strange.  I had so many great ideas bouncing in my head!  I thought I would get comfy, and pretend I was drinking a tall glass of Alamama tea, and talk.  Thank you my friend for inviting me, I only wish I was sitting in your rocking chair of your living room.

For those who don't know me, I am Anne.  That is Anne with an E.  I am very proud of my E.  I am also very adamant about my name, it is one syllable.  It is not Ann•ie.  With the surge of internet forums and email names, I needed a name to remember, it had to be easy and short.  I picked Anne of Alamo.  I am not from Texas.
When I started my email accounts and made my internet name, I lived in a little town in New Mexico, called Alamogordo.  This is the town where a small church called The Potter's House is located.  At this church, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, married my husband, dedicated my 4 children to the Lord and met and have grown to love and be loved by so many wonderful people.  This little church is touching the world!  Taking the words of Jesus Christ to Go Ye into all the World and Preach the Gospel and How will they KNOW, unless someone sends them? (Anne paraphrase).  
This church sent my husband (along with my children and myself) to preach the Gospel.  We are now in Yuba City, California.  Leaving the church in Alamogordo was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  They were my family, and support. But we were not sent out and abandoned, we were sent with support both financial and spiritual.   This church prays for us on a daily basis.  That is how we are able to do what we are called by God to do!

We have been here in Yuba City for almost 3 years, seeing lives transformed (including my own) and pressing in for all that God has for us.  My family loves it here.  We have been blessed in so many ways.  My husband has a part time job that meets the needs, but is off by 8am to give him the time to still do what he is called to do here! Our homeschool adventure has been paid for by the Great State of California.  Our home is lovely and our neighborhood safe.  My parents live 90 miles away.   We have many Starbucks.  Fruit grows in abundance and is given to us in bags full.  We have green grass all year.  I love it here.

I have people jokingly call me Anne of Yuba, but my heart and allegiance is to my mother church in the town of Alamogordo. I tell them just as adamantly as I would about my E on the end of my name, it is Anne of Alamo, you see,  I don't ever want to forget MY ALAMO! 


Patti said...

Anne, you are the cat's meow!
Woman, you never fail to make me laugh!
Your way with words is extraordinary!
Your extreme humbleness is what continues to draw me to you!

Okay, Anne, hope I copied and pasted all of those correctly from your blog! hahahaha!!

Anne, I just wish we lived closer- you could come over for a cup of Patti Tea and sit and sip with me while insanity ensues all around us with your kiddos and mine!


Pressed Petals said...

...I miss you Anne!

Pom said...

Okay, I have copied the same thing and Patti beat me to posting it! LOL!

Love learning more about you, Anne! My son's name is Neill and he's very proud about his extra L too! ;)