Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes or No

One of the blogs I frequent had a wonderful post on "Making your blog more visitor friendly." 
I did some changes...hopefully you can all feel more comfortable here.
One of the suggestions was not to have music.
Seems like most of the blog readers out there agree.
I know at least two of you (my faithful readers) have told me you like the music and put my blog on while you are surfing the net or doing house work.  My hubby will put it on to nap!  heehee question to you (I want to keep my readers reading & commenting wink wink!):

Yes or No to music on my blog?

(majority rules here, so cast your vote)



Patti said...

I love music...

Mandi said...

I read that post too and though hmm . .. (I think I double checked my "post a comment" ease haha).

I do love your music selections (I did tell you that a while back, right?? I do). But then I do get on other people's blogs and go WHOA 'cause this loud stuff is playing over mine. I say leave it. But maybe pause it so people can push play??

Anne of Alamo said...

I don't have my speakers on...but don't care for music on blogs, especially when they have a post with a video and I turn up my volume and it conflicts with each other.
my vote NO! and I will be back with 33 anons..bha h ah aa

Pressed Petals said... do I pause it?

Anonymous said...

two sides to every coin LOL. its your blog put on it what ever you like. on the flip side the more you add the longer the blog takes to load. I use Firefox with the No script plug in and it blocks music players and videos automatically and everything that runs off the scripting language. I have to allow it aka unblock. I rarely if ever use the internet to listen to music cause I have music or a movie always going on in my room. mwah have a great day

K said...

I would vote no, but then if I visit a blog with music on, I instantly hit the mute button.

Kay Heritage said...

I think it depends on the site, but I prefer no music.

Pom said...

I set my machine on mute too so it doesn't bother me, except when it makes the page much harder to load.

On the other hand, I come because I enjoy your art and love reading your views on things and if the music is related to what you're talking about and you state clearly so, I would definitely turn the music on. KWIM? :)

So I think the best option might be for the reader to have the options whether to turn it on or off easily?

Pom said...

(I'm still waiting to read Anne's other 32 anon comments. LOL)

Pressed Petals said... still read my blog! How sweet of you! How have you been? always have such nice things to say! Thank you. I too am waiting for Anne's 32 anon comments!

Thanks, ladies, you are great!

Monique said...

I don't mind either way, Christine!
If the music bothers me, I can always hit the mute button like Kate.

K said...

I'm good thanks lovely. Yes, i love seeing all your crafty projects etc. Nice to stay in touch :) I'm not around SM much anymore - just not enough time in my day! x

Pressed Petals said...

K, thanks fir the comments and for following my blog. Glad to know you're doing good. I haven't even scrapped in like two months! Time is an issue for me too!