Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Yummies

I made some pretty easy Taco Roll-Ups.
I added the pinto beans.
They were a hit.  (Though not as tasty as leftovers per daughter.)
 And these...Football Girl Cookies.
Yum!  It was also the first time using a silicone baking dish. 
Different, but it worked.
One tip on these cookies...let them cool completely before trying to take them out (at least in this type of baking dish).
Can you see the messed up one at the bottom?
Didn't let it cool enough before trying to remove.
Enjoy!  If you want the recipes, please click on the links. 


Kay Heritage said...

Messed up ones will still taste great! What wonderful dessert idea.

Carrie said...

Thanks for linking my recipe. I love your blog and your cookies turned out great! Let me know about the orzo :)

Patti said...

I always get great ideas here- can't wait to try!!

Mandi said...

Dang I'm hungry now!

Pressed Petals said..., thanks for commenting on my blog! The messed up ones got eaten right along with the good ones! ;) No problem in our house; we don't care!

Carrie...ah, thanks for commenting on my blog. Will be trying more of your recipes out for sure. The orzo was tastey. Hubby and I actually had it for leftovers last night.

Patti...gee, thanks! too! heehee