Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cherry Picking

Here's what we did last Sat.

 Neither kid wanted to be there.

Loving all of these signs.

Cherry picking (signing in) can be serious business.

Or not.

 No cropping was done on this photo.

 Daughter's bucket photos turned out better then mine.

Our harvest. 

Stopped here on the way home.  This place is a neat place.  Literally jammed packed with good stuff, including  a cherry stoner that totally was worth the money.  We know a couple of the ladies who work there.  Hubby got some free samples from one of them.  Can't remember what he said to her, but he said, "Got know how to butter up the old ladies, for free samples."   Old ladies do love him.  Especially older oriental ladies.
We had a good time. 
The kids had a good time.
We had a packed day/evening still ahead of us.  Hubby managed to make yummy Paula Deen cherry cobbler.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I wanted a picture of that Apple so bad when we took a trip to Cloudcroft, but my husband wouldn't turn around so I could get a nonblurry photo ;)

Your cherries look amazing! What do you have planned for them?

Have a blessed weekend :)