Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Favorite Blogs

Hope your day is going good.
Over the weekend we had to reboot our laptop.
We lost all of our favorites.

SO, here's where you come in.
What are your favorite blogs?


Here are your suggested blogs: (keep'em coming)  check check  check a new one...thanks i have seen this one before, thanks yeap, thanks she's under my faves on the side, check have you read this one? totally inspiring i do remember that one.  thanks. a new one...thanks


Anne of Alamo said...

oh no? for reals?

that is the worstest of worst!

but think of it as house cleaning and now you can organize and put them exactly where you want them?

looking for the ray of sunshine?

tee hee to the last 2! bh ahaha

shopgirl said...

Oh...I have so many. Sorry you lost it, but I find it's easy to build up favourites again. My folders overflow with them and I list just a small wee percentage of them on my blog.

Rambles with Reese

Holly said...

Oh I have one! Little Bit of Life. I hear its a good one,lol. Okay so maybe Im a bit biased!

For real though some good blogs
Dont forget Meg from Whatever

Ill get back with more!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Aw, I hate losing my stuff! SORRY.

Hmm-- what could I not live without on the interweb as far as blogs go? Hmm. . .

I really love the Lettered Cottage.

Be Different Act Normal. Love all that inspiration.

I've got sooo many but I'm trying to narrow it down to the ones where I go "Ooh! A Post!" ;)