Monday, June 13, 2011

Give it a Try

A few days ago I wrote that I'd love to make our lemon thyme into something.
A reader suggested mixing it with equal parts sugar and oil. 
So here's my attempt at it.

Hopefully the photos are self explanatory.

The blender idea didn't work.  I put 1 teaspoon olive oil and the herbs in...not enough stuff to do any good.

So, I chopped them as fine as I could and mixed it all by hand, or finger.

 The mixture of 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon sugar and herbs was nice.  It made my hands nice and soft.  Though after my shower the smell of olive oil was stronger than the herby smell.  So I added some lemon zest.  Which really didn't make that much difference.

I got a wild hair and tried the oil/sugar with coffee grounds (very fine).
That was nice too.  The olive oil smell lasted longer than the coffee.
I tried the herb mixture again that night and the sugar had dissolved leaving my hands very sticky.
Back to the drawing board.


Holly said...

I was inspired by your herbs so I decided to start bigger with hydrangeas. I know its hardly the same but at least we are growing something! ha!

Pressed Petals said...

Holly...those are one of my fave flowers. wish they grew better here. tried to comment on your blog...can't seem to get logged into blogger to comment.

shelly said...

oh man! (I had left the comment about the scrubs, but blogger hates my blackberry right now so it went in as anon!) When I make sugar scrubs, I use the cheapest olive oil that I can find....less olive oily (does that make sense?). I wonder if you put the thyme, mashed a bit, in a sealed container with the oil only for a few days if the scent would transfer more..try adding the lemon rinds too! Then just add the oil only...

bummer about the sugar dissolving....I've never had that happen! I usually keep a little mason jar of oil and sugar, mixed with some essential oil, sitting next to my sink!

Let us know what you come up with :)

shelly said...

I saw this on pintrest and thought of you! I've got a ton of lemons left from the lemonade stand...I see some scrub in my future ;)