Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here. 
No photos really to show you just how busy we have been.
So I will add color to liven things up for you!

School's done, sort of.
Son is finishing his math. (I know, I'm such a slave driver.)
Daughter is in her second day of driver's ed...BORING!

It is hot and still no rain.  We are on like 120+ days without moisture.
So could the readers with abundant rain, please send some our way.
We REALLY need it.
We have had two local fires already.

We are getting a new routine.
Up early still, to pray and read my Bible.
Exercise and maybe eat before 7:45am.
Then take DD to Driver's Ed.
Shower, help son with math.
Etc., so on and so forth.

We are also in a Sunday to Sunday revival. 

For the holiday we cleaned out our vehicles. 
The mountains are all closed due to the fire danger.
Son did NOT want to help me, but LOVED the results. more for purple.
We have loads of Doc, dentist, ortho, etc. appointments coming up.
Next week has three appointments.
Thank God that most are in town.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

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Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

OMGsh I can leave comments again! I've tried and tried and wasn't able to. WheW!

I really liked your lego's pictures. Just sayin'.