Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh the Drama

One of our favorite things to do in the spring-fall is go up the mountains for melodramas. 
I opted to make kettle corn for the show. 
They sell popcorn there, but it is rather tasteless, since you can throw it at the bad guy/s.

So I whipped up a double batch.

Haven't been to a melodrama you say.
Golly, it's loads of fun.
You get to clap, ohh and ahh over the good guys. 
You get to boo, hiss and throw popcorn at the bad guy.  Our big, bad guy, dressed in black is almost always played by Mr. Hale.  Thee Mr. Hale of Hale Bop (comet?).  Anyway, he's a big guy in astronomy.  Then we have an older gent who ALWAYS forgets his lines.  Can you believe he's a retired doctor! 
It's all free fun.  Totally worth the 20 minute drive.  Plus it is a nice escape from the heat.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! I think that you live near where we hope to soon relocate! (Your blog has been so nice to get my "home" fix!). The theater looks like another awesome place to take our boys :)


alamama said...

Anon...where are you relocating too?