Wednesday, June 8, 2011

thriftiness pays off

I haven't gone thrifting in awhile, but I finally did the other day and look at what I found.
A lovely deep yellow Liz & Co handbag for $6.50!
How much would this worth at Penny's?  $30, at least.

I am usually a one purse gal, but I could not pass this up!  It's practically brand new.

My gray handbag is my everyday bag.  It just fits everything I need and I mean just fits. 
Mom's not carring everyone's stuff anymore. 
However, when traveling or in need of little more room, the yellow purse will come in super handy.
Don't they make quite the pair.

Never know what you'll find at the thrift stores.  Sometimes you just get lucky.


Holly said...

very cool! I love thrifting!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Oooh. . . I came to comment on your last post. . .it was making me so sad! It's kind of like you plucked it from my brain, too.

Did you remove it?

Shari said...

Okay one purse gal I stand corrected. lol
It is a darling purse and it was a steal of a deal.

I am a one purse gal to but I thought I was the only one. Never really been into purses and shoes. I thought I was the only female out there with only one purse. Glad to know I have a friend in practicality or frugality which ever the case may be. LOL