Thursday, December 1, 2011

are you serious?

can someone tell me, where did this year go?

i haven't meant to not write for so long, but b.u.s.y. is what i've been.
so, here's goes a random catch up for you.

thanksgiving was great!  the weather so nice we ate outside.  (first time ever.)
unfortunately this is the only photo i was able to take.  we were just setting up.
we had so much leftovers that i actually had to throw some out.

onto our venture into vegetarianism.  we are much more vegetarian then vegan.
i want to show you a couple of recipes i have made this week.
this one i'll call veggie stack.  (taste better then it looks.)
sliced eggplant, sauteed in olive oil, garlic, chopped onions and balsamic vinegar.
sliced blanched tomatoes
sliced zuchs, sauteed like the eggplant
layered with feta
topped with salt and pepper
warmed in oven
served with wild rice with browned pinon nuts

This one is from Two Peas and Their Pods.   LONG name which basically tells you everything that's in it.
canneli (sp?) beans
spinach and fresh basil torn
artichoke hearts, drained and cut
sourdough flute bread (everything tastes better with sourdough bread)
feta, 1 tbls lemon juice, salt and pepper

cut and brush with olive oil the bread (i sprinkled them w/garlic powder), toast for ten minutes
mix the rest of ingredients in bowl and serve over warm bread.

i loved this one.  wasn't sure about the fresh basil, but loved it.  hubby liked this one too.

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Anne of Alamo said...

your last vegi dish is something I might (emphasis on might) eat. I just discovered cannolli beans! Love them so much better than dark kidneys.
Your thanksgiving looks lovely!