Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year-end Review

Just reviewing 2011 blog posts.
1. Our bird friend who hung out at our light.  He has since moved to the front door light.  We like him but not the mess he leaves.
2. Jan. is birthday month here. 
3. I believe January kicked off our scone fest.
4. How my blog got it's name.
5. I wrote about my closest friends.
6. I also did a 30 day blog post in Feb.
7. Baked.
8. Went on a cleaning fest that didn't last in March.
9. Featured son's photos of his legos.
10. Kids and I went to Sante Fe on a field trip.
11. Daughter won two awards in the writing fair.
12. We started our garden and planted grass.

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Kay Heritage said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christ-filled Christmas and a brand New Year! Elisabeth Elliot's daughter is coming to speak at my church in Jan. Very excited! :)