Saturday, December 24, 2011

veggie food

back to the eating vegan/vegetarian...well, we are definitely more vegetarian than vegan.
we have eaten meat (boy did it taste good!).
hubby has been better ate not eating meat then me.
i actually think i was getting a bit sad.  i had heard you have to be careful about that.
so, i happily enjoyed a burger with the kids, etc.
 however, i still want to share with you the things we do eat that are vegetarian.

here's a pizza daughter and i made.
took a french bread loaf, cut it in half and topped it.

son made these all by himself!  he saw these in the vegan cookie cookbook and wanted to try them.  NY Black and White cookies.  i must admit i had never heard of them, but after doing some researching discovered theta they are quite popular.  they are huge and super sweet, too sweet in fact.  it helps if you fold them in half so they chocolate helps cut the sugary taste of the white side. 

my own creation.  i have found that adapting our own food to vegetarian is much easier and tastier.  here's your basic broccoli and cheese baked potato with black beans.  it was really good.  the cheese was hubby's idea and a good one at that.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers!

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