Monday, December 12, 2011

Typical Monday (week) in Homeschool

So, I am looking for my camera, the one with the almost dead batteries so, I can take some photos of our homeschooling day for ya.  Frustrating!

Here's how our Monday's usually go.  (most days actually)
Son gets up at around 7:00-7:30 eats, and starts school.  (I am still in my robe at this point, not ready to do school yet.)***Added of 12-12-11 son is actually starting school at 8 am.  for some reason he changed it up after i wrote this post.***
I am ready for school around 8:00
Daughter...ummmm let's call it 9-ish.  Seriously that is how different they are.

(this is all i could get from kids...them getting out of the way of the camera.)
Son does his handwriting, grammar and science by himself.  We do spelling together.
He has to show me what he does and we go over the good bad and ugly of it all.

Mondays I usually watch their math videos so I can teach them their new lessons for the week.
Then I teach each one as they are ready.

Daughter does her science, grammar and spelling by herself.
I usually don't have to check her work.  She is good at telling me what she's done and if we need to go over something we do.

By 10:00 their independent work is almost always done, if not they stop so we can do history and reading together.
Monday-Wednesday I read their history book while they listen for the answers on their worksheets.  This really helps them learn to listen and learn to learn.
Thurs. the reading is usually done and they go through the book on their own to find the answers they may have missed while listening.

After history, I read a book out loud to them.  We love it even though they are older it is still a great time.
If they are goofing off while I read they have to read some of the history/book.  That usually does the trick.

11:00-ish we are done.  Time for lunch.

If they have any work that needs to be done they finish after lunch.  I am done after lunch.  Unless I am reading up on curriculum or teaching methods, etc.

Fridays is art day or finish what needs to be finished day.
They still do science, math, grammar, spelling, handwriting.
Just art replaces history.

Our schedule usually changes from year to year.
Also, our schedule is flexible.

We do take field trips, can arrange the schedule around hunting, etc. 
There you have it.

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