Thursday, December 15, 2011

one boy and one girl

"Oh, one boy and one girl, that's perfect."  is a common comment spoken by others upon finding out we have one of each.
while i don't think about it too much it is nice having one of each. 
i do sometimes wish we could've had a sister for our daughter and a brother for our son.

while he can't rough house with her and she can't play make-up and girly stuff with him; i have to admit that God knew just what He was doing.  Our daughter is perfect for a brother and our son is good for her.

he gets to learn to be a gentleman, have patience while waiting to use the bathroom, and to listen.
she gets to learn to be a lady (let him open her door, etc.), that boys can play dress up, just a bit differently, and that you can't be their mom.

while they are completely different and often get on each other's nerves, watch out if someone else should be mean to them.  i love that they stick up for each other and that when a boy "looks" at C. he wants to beat them up.  i love that she knows he's got her back and she his.

yeap, God knew what he was doing when He blessed us with one boy and one girl.  while the dynamics are different, two girls or two boys just don't seem "us" to us.

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