Saturday, December 17, 2011

blessing of praying friends

I am going to make this short, cut out some of the details, so I hope this makes sense. 
This is also written from a Christian perspective, with "Christian" language so I realize it may not jive with your beliefs or it may not make sense.  I do hope this ministers to you though.

Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning I was feeling pretty bad.  I was under spiritual/physical attack.
When I woke up Wednesday, I knew I needed help, I couldn't fight this on my own.
So, I texted (is that even a word?) some of the ladies in church and asked them to pray for me.

As I sat in the office praying, fighting it through, their texts started coming back.  "Praying right now" and other words of encouragement.  Their words, their taking the time to stand in the gap for me brought me to tears.  While they were praying I could rest, even for five minutes.  I felt a breakthrough.  It felt good knowing that my sisters have by back and are willing to fight with me.
I am so blessed to have ladies who may not even be my closest of friends stop and pray for me just when I needed it.  Thursday I felt really good, and I still do.  The devil is a punk and God is so good and so are His people.

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