Friday, December 23, 2011

who's is it??...talking tree and more

this year the kids are getting too old for presents.
well, not like that sounds.
they can almost figure out what is in the gift without opening it.
I wrapped them in bigger boxes, different shaped bags and still they are guessing right.
i resorted to leaving the names off.
they swear i will forget which belongs to whom.
my dad would.  with three of us he'd give us each a symbol/shape.
we wouldn't know which one was our appointed one of course.
he'd sometimes forget.  so, we'd open one and switch if needed.
next year i may just keep all of the gifts hidden until Christmas.
drive them really crazy!

we have a talking tree.  well, every time you turn on the lights "it" says "the force is with you young skywalker, but you are not a jedi yet, breathe..."  son's darth vader ornament is a highlight of our three every year.  we love to turn on the lights all of the time.

yummy gift.  hubby and i were in the kitchen, when we hear "UPS!".  then see the UPS guy smile a bit embarrassingly as he realized we were right there.  anyway, this, plus jams, etc. came all the way from Maine!  YUM!  gotta be thankful for family on the east coast.  though i will have to get creative with that mixer since we don't drink. 

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Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I love the Vader ornament! SWEET! Merry Christmas girlfriend!!