Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up...

I need to post, but have nothing inspiring, catchy or even DIY projects to show you.

My MIL left today.  She was here for two weeks, three Wed-nes-days.
 (sorry that is how my brain spells it everytime.)
We had a good time. 
A lot of laughs, especially at the end.
Many scones...more on that later.

We had three birthdays.
Will post on that later as the pics are on the pc in the office and it's COLD in there.

Our heater is broke.
Thank God it hasn't been too cold.
We have been using the electric heaters.
But golly, it's nippy in the morning...50 degrees.

Got some "new" books in the mail for next school year.
It always makes me feel giddy, ahead of the ballgame.

I "redecorated" my blog.
I needed color, fun.
Is it too busy?

If my son asks me one more time today "are we/you going anywhere today?"
I am going to think of something nasty for him to clean.  heehee
He asks everyday "Are we going/doing anything today?"
As disorganized as he can be he sure needs his day laid out for him.

I am trying to cut down (not out) on the carbs.
It is MUCH harder then I would imagine.

I was going to do as little as possible today.  Ended up cleaning the inside of our stove!

Okay, enough rambling and off to do stuff around the house.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Well I wanna hear this scone recipe! A visitor for 2 weeks?? Wow. You are the woman. I struggle with visitors for a few days!

Seriously my heater breaking is a big fear for me-- our house gets cold fast, and it's been so cold here. . . I just imagine my lil kidlets freezing. Hope you never get too cold!

Ami said...

Can totally relate to Wed-nes-day! What about Feb-ru-ary? Those are 2 words I know I spell phonetically, lol.