Friday, January 7, 2011

What I am Reading

I read before bed, in bed.  Sometimes more then one at a time.

*Homeless Bird.  Just finished.  It was one of the books for school.  I loved it.  It is about an Indian girl named Koly who is given in marriage at a young age.  To cut to the chase, it's a bad life gone good.  Quick "page-turner".

*Crazy Love.  I actually heard about this from Meg's Whatever blog.  It interested me.  I went to a bookstore with my mom so we were talking books.  She said my SIL said it was good.  If it's SIL approved then I want to read it.  (I actually need to get a list from her.) Just started and really like it.  It's meeting me at my personal challenge already, to know God better for who He really is.  (Library book)

*The Love Dare. Well, you already know it's good. (library book)

*Live Like a Jesus Freak.  Another school book.  Reading it in bits here and there.  Is a good mix of scripture, quotes, testimonies and stories of people who suffered, gave up, etc. for their faith.  Breaks it into nice chapters like Pray Like a Jesus Freak, Worship like a..., etc.  Really helps boost the faith.


Mandi said...

Why do I love to hear what people are reading so much? Man I haven't read anything in a while.

Patti said...

Yay! how is it that we always seem to be "on the same page"?? :) Thanks for the suggestions!!

Pressed Petals said...

Patti...nice to be on the same page as you.