Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pago Pago

The big news is my brother and his family are being sent to American Samoa!
You may have to look for Pago Pago on your globe/map.  That would be the capital.

 Matt has been there once about 2 years ago.  He feel in love with the island and it's people.

My brother who has water in his bones, who surfed, lived 3 blocks from the beach, who has lived in the desert for years, is now going to be surrounded by water.

Here he is at one of the schools.  The students were very open.  Yes, males wear skirts too.  They have a different name though.  The men wear dress shirt and tie with shorts and flip flops to church.  Gotta love it.

 Please pray for Matt and his family as they fly far away from home to reach precious souls for Jesus.  They will be pioneering.  Starting from scratch.
My heart is already there.  (I am trying not to cry as I type, part from saddness, part joy.)


Mandi said...

Wow! that will be a really neat experience. How long are they staying?

Pressed Petals said...

five years