Thursday, January 20, 2011

long lost relative?

When we first moved here we saw our last name (which is not common) in the phonebook.  Well, ours but not ours.  The first name was of someone we didn't know.  To make a LONG story short...we finally met up with one of hubby's, more than likely, relatives.  We met on MLK's day in the mountains (rui).  Hubby brought some old family photos.  One look at hubby's dad and D. said it looked like his grandpa.  They are very much alike and he is very similar to hubby's cousin in Ill.  It was a pleasure meeting him and I see more visits. 

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Nancita said...

Looks like fun - can't wait to talk to my bro about it. Haven't been on here in a while so just learned about your brother - what a great adventure! That should be a big experience for his family