Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The original post has been self-censored due to info that may offend some readers, thoughts that might lead some to believe I was writing about them.  So I bring you some totally random thoughts.

Just got a call.

I had an abnormal test in June.
Last week I went back to recheck it.
I am cancer!

Praise God!


On another note: Do you read those blogs that feature "What I Wore Wednesday"?
Do you care?
I mean, oh never mind.
I am wearing a stained blue grey Old Navy, fluffy grey fluffy exercise pants and my purple slippers.  I'd post a photo, but my hair is not done.


I am going to try to bake my own baked fish for dinner.
I am learning to be a fish person.
We have been eating boxed fish fillets.
Hopefully, tonight will be good.


I gave up on the Love Dare book.
It was too, como se de se (how do you say), like looking in the mirror.
You see this big spot on your face.
You try to wipe it off only to find another, then another.
You also see spots on your spouse's face.
I think for now I will leave well enough alone.

Until I have something better to post...have a great day!


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Uh oh did you censor for me??? Did I do something bad?? Oh crap?!

I need to learn to like fish, too. I saw a study yesterday on fish to help with PMS. hehehe. :)

Anne of Alamo said...

Hey! Now I wanna read the original one! been off grid for a few days! My parents came and we uhm bird watched. I am officially old, I think!!
How is the Bostonian Babe doing?
Much much coffee tonight at bible study and 30 mph winds outside, cat that wants me to be on the bed inside. Surfing and leaving inane comments!
Miss you my friend.

Anne of Alamo said...

hope your day was good! thought about you two times today! I even had a bit of ice cream while humming happy birthday to Christine!!

Pressed Petals said...

thanks anne. it was good. at out twice! no cooking! the workers at ihop sang to me and i got a free sundae!