Saturday, January 29, 2011


You all know that my mother-in-law was just here.
She is Scottish.
Before she came my hubby started on a scone kick.
He even talked to his uncle about scones,
which he pronounces with an "on" and not a long "o". 
Many Scottish families had these for breakfast with their tea.
Hubby's Grandma made them often.

I am passing on the family recipe with you.
The original recipe is the best.
We made Orange Cranberry, Lemon Blueberry and Pecan.
(I told you we went on a kick!)
The photos are of the Lemon Blueberry (the second attempt).
(Doesn't she write pretty.)

Forgot the lemon juice in the photo.

Dried blueberries are a must.  We used the pie filling type (only thing available at the store we were at).  That made them too moist and very blue.

Roll out 1/2 of the dough.  Shape and cut like this.  You could really roll it thinner then this, they puff up while cooking.

Now I know most of the scones you buy at coffee shops, etc. don't look like this.  They are usually much thicker.  This is the traditional way.  Thin like shortbread. 

These are actually too thick.  But you can see how you bake them on the stove top.


2 c flour
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
4 Tb (heaping) shortening (may need more)
1 egg, beaten
1/4 c milk

Sift flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. 
Cut in shortening, beaten egg and milk.  Mix.
If the mixture is too dry you can add more shortening.
Form 2 round pieces.
Roll out 1/2 inch (or less) thick.
Cut into pie shaped pieces.
Cook on hot, ungreased griddle about 3 minutes on each side, or until brown, like pancakes.

You can add goodies to taste.
Serve with jelly, butter or just enjoy plain.

Sorry for the quality of the photos.  Hubby bought a new point and shoot.  I still haven't figured it out.


K said...

We have scones here in NZ, and we pronounce it with the 'on' sound too, but I think ours are different. Ours are flour, baking powder, butter, a pinch of salt and milk to mix. Those are plain ones though - I usually make cheesey herb ones to go along with soup in the winter time, or cinammon and sugar ones, or sultana, or any variation actually! YUM!

p.s. pretty blog!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Thanks for the recipe! I really want to try these! Now I shall be calling them "Sconz" instead of "scones" from now on, and I shall think of you. . . ;)

p.s. thank you for emailing me, I was like "PHEW!" I was afraid I'd lost my bloggy bestie. :)