Monday, January 3, 2011

Raiding Daughters Files

Happy New Year!
Hope you had a great holiday season.

We ended the year in church, yes, we live there!
Our church has a potluck, No Talent Talent show, and various other things every year.
We also always pray in the new year.

Our daughter sang this year.  She was also in a skit, too funny.
Here she is singing a Kutless song with a dear friend from church.
She also worked all year on an End-of-the-Year video which turned out awesome.
She touched people with it.
(She's going to send you guys one, Anne.)

While I was raiding daughter's files I found these. (no editing done)


She loves photographing sunsets.

In son's room.


Mandi said...

I wish someone else in my family would take pictures so I could raid them!

So tell me more about this No Talent Talent Show! I want to do this with my extended family next year and I've got all sorts of ideas floating in the ole noggin but I want to hear about yours.

Pressed Petals said...

Mandi, people can do what they like, as long as it has a gospel message. We have had skits, music, puppets, stand up comedy, someone knitting while giving her testimony, etc. Sometimes there's prizes. Duct tape for the "worst" a few times. It is a great way for those who maybe aren't as talented to get on stage. Heck, Anne(of Alamo) talked me into singing one year and I CAN'T sing. It's always a great time.