Monday, July 7, 2008

Three Rivers Adventure

Okay, you may be wondering why the pool pic if this is about three rivers. Well, read on. Grandma, the kids & I went to Three Rivers today. We made it all of the way to the wash (almost there). The area had gotten a bad rain storm earlier that morning, which we didn't know about. Anyway, we got stuck in the mud! We had the car. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it, but my inner Rambo, blond or whatever you want to call it said to go for it! (I should have listened the voice of Robert in my head telling me what are you thinking!!) After trying to push out, calling Robert, I decided to walk up to the camp that was about a mile away. Thank God, on the way a rancher with a BIG truck (thank God for living in the west!) drove by. Here's the conversation:

He sees me walking, "You didn't try to drive your small car through the mud."

Me, totally thinking "I know, I know!", "Yes, Do you think you could help me pull it out?"

"I'll see what I can do. Get in." After getting in, he asks, "Where're you from?"

Me, I almost laughed out loud, "Here, that makes it all the worse."

" aren't the first."

I'll cut some of the details out here. The rancher looked at our car and said he had to go get the chain, and was glad to see that we had a hitch under the car. He's done this many times, and said that most cars don't have anything to hitch to. So when he pulls out some cars, he's pulled off the bumper. He runs the ranch (85 sq. acres) there and was right back with the chain. He pulled me right out. Thank God. They were really nice folks.

He told us to check out the church right there. He said there wasn't that much mud, that her knew of. So, we turned around to go to the church. Just a bit up the road stood a big Momma cow. So, I stopped. She was calling out to her baby. I saw a baby the other way. I at first thought I was in between her and her baby. But her calf was behind her a ways. After waiting for two mamas and two calves go by, we proceeded up a hill and down. Then we saw more mud. It was not nearly as bad but I was not about to be dumb twice. So we turned around and headed home. Hence the pool pictures! And to top it all of I left my camera at home. It would've been great to have pictures of all of this!!!! hahaha!

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Anne of Alamo said...

oh Christine!
I giggled all the way thru the story and all I could think, why is Christine outside?? :)
glad there was help close for you and so kind!
did you get the package? cd and all?
Tony found a place for the band...funny story will put it together later!!
Glad you are okay!!!