Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're back!

Phew, we're back from Carlsbad. We left Monday morning & got back a few hours ago. What a good time. The caverns were awesome. God is awesome. It was a misty, wet day. We were in a cloud when we went in & the sun was out when we came out. Went went down the natural enterance and Bea & I are still feeling it. It's almost all down hill for a mile (seemed like longer!), 20% grade at some points. At one point we passed a ranger & asked if we were almost there. He chuckled and said "You're not even half way." WHAT!!! We made it and are glad we took that way. Jared, Robert & I walked aroung most of the cavern inside. The ladies sat a bit & waited for us at the top. We were able to look around White's City & then Artesia a bit. It was a good trip overall. Tomorrow, Robert's taking the kids shooting and then everyone may go to Three Rivers. The forests are opening tomorrow! I'm staying home to catch up on things.

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